What to Expect


Is there a possibility of potentially awkward moments when dining with strangers? There is. Now, it’s likely you’ll navigate these in the moment with generosity and a sense of humor. But for those who want extra guidance, here’s a level-set.

How will we find each other at the restaurant?

Along with the confirmation details, all parties of a given FourTop will be sent the name under which your reservation is held. You should use this name when you check-in at the restaurant, just as you normally would.

If you’re the first to arrive, let the host know that you are a party of four, but that you’ve actually never met your dinner companions. If asked to wait until the party is complete before being seated, inform the host you won’t recognize your counterparts on sight, and kindly request the host let you know once they’ve arrived.

What about ordering?

Everyone orders what they like!  There’s no pressure to “match” anyone else’s order, neither course for course, nor drink for drink.

What will we talk about?

When we confirm the details, we’ll send some initial ideas that might help kickstart the evening, but of course how the conversation unfolds is up to your FourTop. Don’t worry; there’s a surprising amount to talk about with strangers!

And when it comes time to pay?

Separate checks.  Unless everyone enthusiastically agrees to do something different in the moment, the expectation is that each party will pay for what they themselves ordered.

What if we want to stay in touch following FourTop?

It’s up to you! As designed, FourTop is intended to be about the evening itself and nothing beyond. So we’re not saying you can’t, but you certainly don’t have to.

But really, is this a dating site? Is it a networking site?

Nope, definitely not.