About FourTop

New people. New places.


FourTop is a planned chance encounter. Every week, FourTop invites four strangers — two pairs of friends — to meet for an enjoyable meal in neighborhoods across NYC.  


Some questions you may be asking —


Why would I go to dinner with strangers?

We believe most experiences could use a little more serendipity. So this is an experiment in orchestrating it. What happens when you pair four strangers — two sets of friends who don’t yet know each other — with good food, good drink, and a measure of surprise?


How does it actually work?

Fourtop dinners are hosted two evenings a week at local neighborhood restaurants in New York City.  Each reservation counts for two: you and your plus one.

To be invited to book, you’ll first need to answer a few questions, so we can get a feel for your vibe and curate your FourTop. You’ll also fill us in on logistics: the neighborhood(s) you’re game to travel to, the dates that work for you, and any special needs you might have.

Once we’ve identified an ideal pair to join you for your FourTop, we will contact you with a private link inviting you to book for a specific day. You’ll pay to book a reservation for two. 

(You can invite your plus one before or after booking – it’s up to you.)

Two days before your reservation, we fill you in on all the details: restaurant name, exact time, a few lines about who you'll be meeting with (first names only!), and a couple of suggestions for the menu as well as topics to kickstart the conversation.  

All that’s left is for you to show up! When the evening is over, you’ll pay for your meal just as you normally would. Read more on the What to Expect page.

How do you do the matching?

Good instincts and intuition.  No algorithms allowed.

Where do FourTop dinners take place?

FourTop is meant to help you discover new places and new people, but rest assured that we only send guests to restaurants that we ourselves know and love. (These tend to be local favorites that may fly a little under the radar, but are always good value for quality.)

Currently FourTops are offered at two different types of restaurants. At a Casual Spot, most entrées will run about $15-$25; at a Nice Place you can expect most entrées to be in the range of $25-$40.

What does this cost?

In the end, $6 a person. But no one likes to be ghosted, so we use a good faith deposit to ensure everyone shows up.

A Casual Spot costs $22 to book, with $10 refunded at the end of the evening.
A Nice Place costs $32 to book, with $20 refunded.

(You’ll also pay for whatever you order, just as you normally would.)

Can I choose the restaurant / date / time?

Every FourTop reservation starts sometime in the 7 o’clock hour. You’ll always get to choose which dates and which neighborhoods are best for you. (FourTop is currently booking tables in Lower Manhattan, North Brooklyn, and Brownstone Brooklyn.)

You can leave the rest to us.

What if I need to cancel?

It happens! Let us know as early as possible so we can select others guests from the waitlist to take your place. With at least a week’s notice, we’ll happily refund you the full service charge. And, if you reserve a FourTop and your partners don’t show, we’ll also refund you the full charge.


Is this a dating site? Is it a networking site?

Not in the least. While we hope there are moments of shared connection and genuine interaction during your meal, it’s not intended to turn into any kind of sales pitch, romantic or otherwise.  Read more on the What to Expect page.

Who are you?

We're Steve & Joanna.  We’re friends who met at work.  There’s more than a decade’s difference between us in age but we have many overlapping enthusiasms. FourTop brings together things that are high on our list of a good time: New York City, its food scene, the internet, and what can happen when you fall into conversation with a stranger. If you’re anything like us (and we imagine you are!), we bet you’ll be into it.